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Monday, November 2, 2009

Successful SAHMs and WAHMs

It takes pride, perseverance and desire to be a successful freelance writer these days. Especially perseverance; many writers have come and gone. Once reserved for seasoned professionals, the freelance writers community has taken on an army of SAHMs (stay at home moms), WAHMs (work at home moms), WAHDs (work at home dads) and WAHP (work at home people) [work at home parents].

So why do they give up their lucrative 9 to 5 jobs? Integrating parenting into their business activities is a big part of it. Being driven out of the traditional workforce due to economic conditions has even more to do with it. No matter what the reasons are, those that turn to working from home as freelance writers learn quick that it is not as easy as some in the industry would have us believe.

What most of these writers have in common is the desire for residual passive income. Unfortunately, some lack the experience to succeed. Nevertheless, with a lot of hard work monetary success is possible.

There are many revenue sharing sites to choose from that would be happy to benefit from your work. Selecting one or two that really pay well can be as frustrating as it is challenging. One benefit of writing for ad revenue sites is that writers can spend more time writing than running ad campaigns to generating traffic to their articles. Here are some ideas to help you get started:
  • Google "choose a revenue sharing site" without the quotes. Review the search results appearing on the first page. Choose 3 to 4 candidates for sites that you might like to work for.
  • Browse to and compare the site information for the revenue sharing sites on your list. If the site does not get a lot of web traffic, is it likely that your articles will?
  • Visit each of the candidate sites and get a feel for how well you can get around on the site. Review the site's terms and conditions, privacy policy, frequently asked questions (FAQs), writing and article submission guidelines, payment policy, payment methods and information about any rights you might retain to your works.
One of the best ways to learn the ropes is to collaborate with other freelance writers. Subscribe to community-focused blogs that deal with freelance writing. For instance, check out this freelance writer’s success story, “Hey, Savings Account, Remember Me?” See how this WAHM continually increases her residual passive income.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Online Resources for Writers Making Money Online

When freelance writers publish articles on revenue sharing websites, they usually find themselves spending more time learning how to navigate those websites than exercising their creative writing skills. Host websites' online editors can seldom do more than a simple spell check. Here are just a few of the free online tools and resources available to writers and others in need of timely information. an Service
Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus
Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
Yahoo! Babel Fish Translator

More tools and resources for writers are listed on the Freelance Writers Website Resources page.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Freelance Writers by LANWANMAN


Whether the reason is for fun, profit or both, the number of freelance writers is growing. There is an overwhelming demand for interesting articles on a broad range of topics written with proper grammar, punctuation and mechanics; make money online with freelance writing on revenue sharing websites.

This post corresponds to the Freelance Writers Website (FWW) Freelance Writing page. Join our Freelance Writers Network (FWN) Freelance Writers Group (FREE).

Associated Content at

09/20/2009 - Alexa Rank 554; Google PageRank 6/10

From Associated Content About, "AC's platform enables anyone to participate in the new content economy by publishing content on any topic, in any format (text, video, audio and images), and connects that content to consumers, partners and advertisers."

Comments: LanWanMan highly recommends Associated Content. Associated Content (AC) refers to writers as contributors or sources. Contributors can earn money two ways: Through performance payments, which are a combination of PPM and bonuses (Payment Per Thousand Page Views as of September 2009 was $1.50); and upfront payments for each article submission.

Contributor status is referred to as "Clout Level." Clout is measured on a scale beginning with Clout 1 and progressing to Clout 10. As of September 2009, when a contributor [source] reaches Clout 7 starting at an index of 50,001 page views, a PPM bonus is added to the earnings calculations.

Suggestions: Join Associated Content and publish a minimum of three articles. Then, decide whether or not to continue writing for Associated Content. Earnings will be slow to grow, however, article traffic is excellent for well written articles about interesting topics so revenue will accumulate in the long run.

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To learn more, see the full version of this article complete with commentary about other revenue sharing websites, links to resources and other important information. Visit the Freelance Writers Website Freelance Writing page.

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